Centrifuge Tube Holders Racks For 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 15ml & 50ml tubes. PCR Racks for PCR Single Tube, PCR Strip, PCR 96-well Plates.

Green Bioresearch provides a variety of centrifuge tube racks holders for your daily convenience. our 60-well, 80-well, 96-well and 4-way centrifuge tube racks hold 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml micro-centrifuge tubes. These tube racks normally have assorted color for you to recognize samples quick and easily.

$80 for 20x 60-well micro centrifuge tube racks. 60-well  microcentrifuge tube rack is double-sided tube holders that feature one side will holds 60x 0.5 ml micro-centrifuge tubes, and reverse side will hold 60x 1.5 ml/2 ml micro centrifuge tubes.

$90 for 20x 96-well micro-centrifuge tube racks. This 96-well micro tube racks also features a double-sided character. One side holds 0.5ml micro tube and opposite side holds 1.5ml/2ml micro tubes. We have another double-sided 96-well micro tube rack from Bioplas, which is made proud in the USA. The 96-well micocentrifuge tube rack has clear, red, purple, black or blue, green, yellow, orange, etc.

We have 15ml and 50ml Snap-On Centrifuge tube racks which holds 15ml and 50ml tubes separately or simultaneously. Our 15ml centrifuge tubes holds 50x 15ml (or 10ml) centrifuge tubes. And 50ml centrifuge tube rack holds 25x 50ml tubes. Our another type tube rack holds 15ml and 50ml tubes simultaneously. The large one holds 30x 15ml tubes and 20x 50ml tubes, the small one holds 18x 15ml tubes, and 10x 50ml tubes.

PCR rack hold PCR single tubes, PCR strips ( 8-tube strips and 12-tube strips), 48-well and 96-well PCR plates. The PCR tubes and be piled up to save space especially for freezers.

We also have steel racks for holding freezer boxes.

Green BioResearch provides over 15 different type of boxes in a variety of special design and concerns for your convenience. We offer free ground shipping on orders $200 and more.