Pasteur pipettes (also known as droppers or eye droppers) are normally used to transfer small quantities of liquids. Pasteur Pipette is named after French scientist Louis Pasteur.

Original Pasteur pipettes are made of glass tubes tapered to a narrow point, and fitted with a rubber bulb at the top. Plastic Pasteur pipette has stems and bulb in the form of a single piece made of plastic. The volumes are usually marked on the stem, though the markings are rather crude and are not particularly accurate.

Plastic bulb pipettes are generally not precise enough to be used for exact measurements, whereas glass pipettes can be extremely precise. The longer and thinner the tip of a glass pipette, the more exact the measurement.

Green Bioresearch provides sterile Pasteur pipettes which are made of medical grade Low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The 3ml extra long stem allows you drop liquid more precise.