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1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom, Snap Cap, 5000/Case


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1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom, Attached Snap Cap, 5000/Case.

1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes, 500/bag, 5000/case. $95/case of 5000 micro centrifuge tubes. Temp price cut. Sold out. Will be in stock soon. Please come back and check the availability. Free ground shipping within the 48 Continental United State.

Green BioResearch 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes are manufactured in dust-free 100, 000 grade factories. It has the following features:

  • Made of virgin polypropylene (PP) material
  • Clear graduations and frosted marking area
  • Temperature range: -90° to +121°C
  • Easy opening and closing. 
  • Autoclave at 121°C/15 psi
  • Non-sterile
  • RCF: 30000 x g
  • DNase/RNase free
  • Non-pyrogenic

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