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10ul Pipette Tip, Clear, Universal Fit, 1000/Pack, 10000/Case


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10ul Pipette Tip, Clear, Universal Fit, 1000/Pack, 10,000/Case

10ul Pipette Tip is designed for transferring small volume of important reagents, such as PCR Taq polymerase, restriction enzyme digestion, cell culture drug treatment, etc. Our 10 ul pipette tips are made of virgin clear polypropelene (PP), universal fits most popular pipettors, such as, Eppendorf, ThermoFisher Finnpipette, Corning Pipettors, etc.

Our 10 ul Pipete Tips (Cat# 20-0010) have the following features:

  • RNase & DNase free
  • Virgin Polypropylene
  • Natural clear color
  • Autoclavable
  • Graduated
  • Bulk packed, 1000/Bag, 10,000/Case.

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