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2.0 ML Microcentrifuge Tube, Flat Top Snap Cap, Green, Orange, Purple, Amber


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BioPlas 2.0 ML Microcentrifuge Tube with Flat Top Large Snap Cap, Green, Orange, Purple, Amber Colors

$190/case of 5000 Bioplas Premium 2.0 ml Microcentrifuge Tube with Attached Flat Top Large Snap Cap. Green (Cat# 4054), Orange (Cat# 4056), Purple (Cat# 4057), Amber (Cat# 4058) Colors 4 Assorted Colors. Free ground shipping on orders $200 and up.

The Bioplas G-Tube® Flat Top 2ml Microcentrifuge Tube is virtually transparent and far exceeds the toughness of any other micro tubes on the market. When the G-Tube Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tube cap is closed there will be an audible “snap” that indicates a secure closure has been formed. Made of tough, clear, proprietary formulated polypropylene.

we have a special package, rainbow color package which includes: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow. 100 tubes for each color, and mixed in one bag. 500/bag. Made proud in the USA.

BioPlas G-Tube 2.0 ML Microcentrifuge Tube Features:

  • The BioPlas Premium 2.0 ml micro centrifuge tube G Tube has the same chemical resistant quality as standard tubes, but they’re sturdier and virtually transparent to give a better view.
  • The flat top is designed with wider cap than regular one, which allow researchers to have more space for labeling.
  • Ultra Low Retention reduces sample loss
  • The wider cap is easy to open and still provides a maximum secure seal. All 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2ml three volumes are available in siliconized material.
  • The BioPlas G-Tube is produced for high impact usage and will withstand over 30,000 x G when spun.
  • Thicker walls make this the tube of choice for extreme stress, high spinning speeds, autoclaving, boiling, chemical resistance and freezing. Will withstand temperature ranges of -80°C (-112°F) to 121 °C (250°F).
  • 500/pack, 5000/case
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Amber, Green, Orange, Purple


500/Pack, 5000/Case


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