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384 Well Cell Culture Plate, Flat-Bottom, TC Treated or Suspension, 100/Case, Nest


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Nest Sterile 384 Well Cell Culture Plate with Flat Bottom, Non-Tissue Culture Treated and TC-Treated, 100/Case

384 Well Cell Culture Plate with Flat Bottom has TC treated version (Cat# 761001) and non-TC treated version (Cat# 761011) for attached cell culture and suspension cell culture applications respectively. Free ground shipping on orders $200 and up. Nest biotechnology 384 Well Cell Culture Plate Cat# 761001 is flat bottom TC treated for adhesive cell culture, and Cat# 761011 is flat bottom but non TC treated for suspension cell culture.
  • Made of clear polystyrene, best for microscopy
  • One way with raised rings on the lid prevents cross contamination
  • Individual wrapped
  • Stackable
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • RNase/DNase free
  • Sterile

Shipping cost

The shipping cost for each case ordered is $9.50, but will be automatically waived at checkout on orders of $200 and more.


Pack Style

Non-TC Treated, 100/Case, TC Treated, 100/Case