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4ml Screw Cap Tubes, Non-Graduated, Skirted, Self-Standing, 1000/Case


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4ml Screw Cap Tubes with Screw Caps, Non-Graduated, Skirted, Self-standing, 1000/Case

Green BioResearch 4ml screw cap tubes, freezer tubes are made of clear polypropylene. Super clear, non-graduation on the tube wall. The maximal liquid volume is 4.2 milliliters. These tubes come with clear and yellow colored screw caps.

  • Inner diameter of tube: 11mm
  • Tube length: 50mm
  • Cap length: 10mm
  • Total length when screw cap on: 51mm
  • Graduation on the wall

We have clear/natural and yellow colored caps are in stock.

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1000/Case, 200/Pack


Natural/Clear, Yellow


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