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50 ml Centrifuge Tube, Conical Bottom, Bulk Or Racked, Sterile


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Nest Biotechnology 50ml Sterile Centrifuge Tubes Bulked (Cat# 602052), Racked (Cat# 602051), and Self-Standing (Cat# 602072) Options.

500 per case, These tubes are international standard conical-bottom centrifuge tubes are made from virgin clear polypropylene with excellent optical clarity and high RCF ratings.

Tubes feature graduations and an ID field printed on the side. Supplied with HDPE flat-top screw caps. Available with or without a skirt, sterile or non-sterile version. Tubes are certified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen-free and suitable for cell pelleting and separation,  concentrating bacteria, yeast for DNA isolation, purification, precipitation and transformation of nucleic acids, sample storage, etc.

NEST Biotechnology products are ISO 9001:2008 certificated, CE certificated and FDA registered. All products are made of medical grade materials. Products from Nest Biotechnology are manufactured with high standard and quality & stability in mind. Nest Biotechnoloy is growing and expanding in US. Nest Biotechnoloy is a brand you can rely on.

● Two-color silk printing, clear marks, black scale, and white writing area
● 25/bag, 500/case
● One-hand operation, easy to coil cover, good sealing
● Sterilized by E-Beam
● DNase, RNase-free, non-pyrogenic
● Tubes packed in bulk or PS rack
● Plastic PS rack is economic, environmentally friendly and reusable! Don’t use Styrofoam racks which caused many environmental problems. Please read a blog here about styrofoam or search in google to see how styrofoam affect health and environment.
● PE for the lid, PP for the tube

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25/Bag, 500/Case, 25/Rack, 500/Case, Self-Standing, 25/Bag, 500/Case


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