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5ml Freezer Tubes With Screw Caps, Skirted, Self-Standing, 1000/Case


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5ml Freezer Tubes with Screw Caps, Graduated, Skirted, Self-standing, 1000/Case

Our 5ml freezer tubes are made of clear polypropylene. There are graduation scale markers on the wall, from 1ml to 5ml increases by 0.5ml. Those scale markers are great for liquid and fine powder estimation. The maximal liquid volume is 7 milliliters. These tubes come with different colored screw caps.

  • Inner diameter of tube: 15mm
  • Tube length: 55mm
  • Cap length: 11mm
  • Total length when screw cap on: 56mm
  • Graduation on the wall

Only blue colored caps are in stock. Orange or white colored caps are also available upon request. Caps are normally in stock within 2 weeks after request. 

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1000/Case, 200/Pack


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