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96 Well Cell Culture Plate, F-Bottom µCLEAR, BLACK, TC, Greiner 655090


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Greiner 655090 96 Well Cell Culture Plate, Clear Flat Bottom, Chimney Well, TC Treated with Condensation Ring Lid, Sterile

$220/case of 32 96-well Micro Plate cell culture plates with flat bottom black (Greiner 655090) or white wall (Greiner 655098). Free ground shipping on orders $200. Greiner Bio One CellStar cell culture micro plate with µClear® bottoms black wall features a polystyrene micro-thin film bottom for clear imaging or viewing and minimized autofluorescence. HiBase plates are suitable for use with top-reading instruments, while LoBase plates are suitable for use with bottom-reading instruments. Dimensions: 128 L x 86 W mm (5″ x 33/8“).

  • Improved cell adhesion through physical surface treatment
  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA, non-pyrogenic
  • Non-Cytotoxic
  • Compatible with automated systems
  • Alphanumeric well coding
  • High clarity of the microplates for optimal microscopic examinations
  • Stackable
  • Consecutive lot numbering
  • Have a uniform footprint, which is conform to the recommendation of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (ANSI/SBS 1-2004)
  • The risk of contamination from sample material being carried over is minimized
  • µClear® bottom
  • Well profile: F-bottom/chimney well (flat bottom)
  • Growth area per well: 34 mm²
  • Working volume per well: 25  µl ~ 340 µl
  • With lid that enables gas exchange with minimal evaporation
  • Sterile



Black, White