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PCR Cold Rack Holder, Micro Tube Cold Rack


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96 Well PCR Tube Rack, PCR Cold Rack Holder, 0.5ML, 1.5ML, 2ML Micro Tube Racks

Green Bioresearch LLC 96 Well PCR Tube Rack, PCR Cold Rack, Cooling Holder. Designed for PCR Setup without wet ice to reduce contamination. Keep PCR reagents cool up to 2 hours.

Rectangle shaped 0.5 ML, 1.5 ML, 2 ML Micro Tube Cold Rack Hold:

  • 24x 1.5ML/2ML micro centrifuge tubes
  • 14x 0.5ML micro centrifuge tubes

Round shaped 0.5ML, 1.5ML, 2ML Micro Tube Cold Racks holds:

  • 22x 1.5ML/2ML micro centrifuge tubes
  • 12x 0.5ML micro centrifuge tubes

Put it in freezer one day before use (overnight). Next day take it out. It is ready to use on bench without wet ice.

  • Blue Color
  • Keep sample cool at 0 ℃ for 2 ~ 4 hours
  • Ideal for PCR Setup

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96-Well, Rectangle, Round