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Agarose Powder, Ultra Pure, Quick Dissolve, High Resolution For DNA RNA Gel Electrophoresis


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Ultra Pure, Quick Dissolve, High Resolution and Low EEO Agarose Powder

$165/bottle of 500 grams ultra pure, quick dissolve and high resolution, low EEO agarose powder (Cat# TAW230-500). Free ground shipping on orders $200 to all US customers including Alaska and Hawaii. Original $265.00, save $100.00 per bottle

Agarose powder, One of our best sellers! Buy it with confidence.  High quality guaranteed!  Your money will be fully refunded if you are not 100% satisfied. No re-stock fee and no shipping cost charged

Our High Pure, Qick Dissolve, High Resolution Agrose powder is a low EEO, multi-purpose, standard melting point agarose that yields high resolution sharp DNA bands with high clarity and low background on agarose gel. Its optimized gel strength enhances ease of gel processing and handling.  Manufactured with innovative Organic Solvent Free Manufacturing process that is greener and more environment friendly. We have compared  ours with Fisher Scientific agarose (BP160-500) at $608.94 and Invitrogen Ultrapure Agarose (16500500) at $480.39, Sigma Agarose Type I (6013-500G) at $500 and Bioexpress (E-3119-500 ) at $492.70, and turned out ours are much better than theirs on color, partical size and cloning efficiency, etc. 

As you may know that when high percentage (more than 1.5%) agarose gel is prepared some brand agaroses are easily blowing out when heated for longer time. Our agarose is not that easy to be blow out. Test it by yourself, you will love our high quality yet cost-effective agarose powder.  Please check our blog about agarose on how to choose right agarose gel concentration to efficiently separate your PCR, DNA fragments.

  • High Resolution, Qick Dissolve
  • Gel Strength: ≥1200g/cm² (1.0%)
  • Gel Strength: ≥2500g/cm² (1.5%)
  • Gelling Point: 36℃ ± 1.5℃ (1.5%)    
  • Melting Point: 88℃ ± 1.5℃ (1.5%)    
  • Low EEO: ≤ 0.13
  • Moisture: ≤ 6%
  • Sulfate:≤ 0.14%  
  • Separation Range: 50bp ~ 20kb       
  • Background: Very low
  • DNase & RNase free

Features and Advantages
Ideal for routine DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis, Northern blotting, Southern Blot, gel extraction and purification of PCR and DNA fragments from enzymatic digestion. Best for low concentration gel, large size gel, southern blotting, T4 DNA ligation, restriction enzyme digestion after gel extraction

Please check our Gel Extraction PCR Purification 2-in-1 Kit with patented O-ring column which will increase your gene cloning efficiency; thermostable DNA ladder 100 bp, 1kb plus, PCR strip, and prestained protein ladder.

  • Multi-general purpose
  • DNA RNA fragment recovery for cloning
  • Mouse genotyping
  • Greener agarose choice
  • Low background and high resolution
  • Optimized gel strength for ease of gel preparation
  • Good for gel electrophoresis and chromatographic separations
  • Other life science applications.

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