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Breathable Adhesive Seals For Multi Well Bacteria, Cell Culture Plates


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Breathable Adhesive Seals Films. Great for Multi-well Bacterial Deep Well Plate, Cell Culture Plates. 100/Pack

$150/pack of 100 breathable adhesive seals. Our breathable self-adhesive sealing films membranes are great for bacteria culture using deep culture plates. It also works for multi well cell culture plates, such as 6 well, 12 well, 24 well, 48 well, 96 well and 384 well plates. Free ground shipping on orders of $200 and up.

  • Sterile breathable plate seals.
  • Great for exchange between air and CO2.
  • Prevent evaperation.
  • Great for procyto and neyrocyto cell culture.
  • Soft cellulose filter membrane.
  • Strong sticky.
  • Work temperature: -20℃- +80℃
  • Thickness of flim: 120uM
  • Size: 152mm x 81mm
  • Package: 100/pack

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