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Cell Scrapers Remove Cell Layers From Cell Culture Dish, Flask, Plate, 100/Case


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Greiner Bio One Cell Scrapers Remove Cell Layers From Cell Culture Dishes, Flasks, Plates without Trypsin EDTA Solution

Greiner Bio One Cell Scrapers are specifically designed to guarantee uniform contact with all growth surfaces to ensure efficient and gentle removal of adherent cells without trypsin EDTA solution treatment and to minimize mechanical strain. The optimized design of the scraper blade at a 60° angle ensures that even poorly accessible surfaces can be reached within all commercially available cell culture devices.

The small scraper is intended for use with cell culture flasks, and the large scraper is for use with larger cell culture devices such as roller bottles.

  • Individually wrapped.
  • User-friendly paper/plastic packaging can be opened by either peeling or tearing the individual plastic bag.
  • Length of blue handle: small, 280mm; large, 400mm
  • Same blade size: 18mm
  • DNase, RNase, Pyrogen-free.
  • Sterile.

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