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Cell Strainers Filter For Primary Cell Isolation, Individual Pack, 50/Case


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40um, 70um, 100um Cell Strainers Filters For Primary Cell Isolation, Individual Pack, 50/Case

Greiner Bio One Cell Strainers filter for cell suspensions and primary cell isolation. Sterile. Fits all standard 50ml tubes. Innovative handle and mantle surface for improved aseptic handling. Venting slot for fast filtration. No liquid trapped between tube and filter and no cell suspension overspill. Available with filter mesh sizes of 40μm (green, 542040), 70μm (blue, 542070) and 100 μm (yellow, 542000) are color coded for easy to pick the right mesh size.

The single blister pack allows for convenient and aseptic removal of the strainer.

All strainers fits standard 50ml centrifuge tubes. Individual blister pack.



100uM, 50/Case, 40uM, 50/Case, 70uM, 50/Case