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ELISA Assay 96 Well Microplate, MICROLON 200, Medium Bind, 40/Case


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Greiner ELISA Assay 96 Well Microplate, MICROLON 200, Medium Bind, 40/Case

Greiner Bio One ELISA Assay 96 Well MicroPlate, Medium Bind MICROLON 200 (cat# 655001). $80/40 ELISA Assay 96 well plates. Free ground shipping on orders $200. Greiner ELISA 96 well assay plate is manufactured from clear, virgin polystyrene and selected for optical clarity and consistency. Plates are available with flat-, round-, conical-, V-, and C-bottom well styles. C-bottom plates feature a flat bottom for optical measurement, but the hard corners are curved to eliminate liquid traps and improve plate washing. MICROLON™ 200 and MICROLON™ 600 (cat# 655061) formats are available for consistent performance in binding assays. The chimney-well design option reduces the risk of cross-contamination and facilitates sealing by cap mat, thermal sealer, or adhesive sealer.

ELISA Assay 96 Well MicroPlate, Clear — MICROLON 200 Medium Bind

  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Manufactured under DIN ISO 9001 guidelines
  • Can be traced all the way back to production through a defined LOT number system
  • Is ideal for precise optical measurements. The measuring light source is not deflected by the well profile
  • Excellent optical properties as a result of the flat bottom of the wells
  • For microscopic apllications (bottom reading)
  • Solid bottom  
  • Well profile: F-bottom/standard (flat bottom) 

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