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ExcelTaq Blood Direct Taq DNA Polymerase, Blood Direct PCR 2000 Reactions

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TP2000 ExcelTaq Blood Direct Taq DNA Polymerase, Blood Direct PCR, 5U/ul, 500U/Pack

The ExcelTaq Blood Direct Taq DNA polymerase (TP2000) is designed for amplifying target DNA directly from whole blood, eliminating the need for a lengthy DNA isolation process —Blood Direct PCR. The ExcelTaq Blood Direct Taq DNA polymerase is highly tolerant in the presence of PCR interfering/inhibiting substances in blood (Fig 1). The ExcelTaq Blood direct PCR Master Mix is ideal for high-throughput screening of blood samples for high reproducibility. The ExcelTaq Blood Direct DNA polymerase includes a pair of positive control primers (CCR5) that are compatible with primate blood samples.


Fig. 1. The ExcelTaq Blood Direct DNA Polymerase amplified 200 bp from differently treated blood using CCR5 specific primers. (Left Lane: DM2100 marker)

Lane 1: fresh blood
Lane 2: blood +citrate
Lane3: blood +EDTA
Lane 4: blood+EDTA/NaF
Lane 5: blood+Heparin
Lane 6: 1mm2 of dry blood on filter paper

• 5’→3′ DNA polymerase activity
• None detectable 3’→5′ exonuclease (proofreading) activity
• Generates PCR products with 3′-dA overhangs
• Performing PCR directly from blood sample

• Direct amplification of DNA from blood samples
• High throughput screening without DNA purification

Pack Contents
100ul ExcelTaq Blood Direct DNA Polymerase, (5U/µl, total 500 units)
4x 1ml 5× ExcelTaq Blood Direct PCR Buffer
50ul Positive control primers (10 µM)

Storage Buffer
20 mM Tris(pH 8.0), 100 mM KCl, 0.1 mM EDTA, 1 mM DTT, stabilizer, 50% glycerol

4°C ≥ 6 months
-20°C ≥ 24 months

Recommended PCR Conditions


3 ul

Forward primer

0.1 ~ 0.5 μM

Reverse primer

0.1 ~ 0.5 μM

10 × Blood Reaction Buffer

5 μl


0.2 mM (each)

Blood Direct Taq DNA Plolymerase

0.25 μl


to 50 μl

Total volume

50 μl

Recommended PCR Program
94°C                                                       3 min
94°C                           15 sec
50~68°C*                   30 sec
72°C                           1 min/kb
72°C                                                        3 min

*Optimal PCR condition varies according to primers’ thermodynamic properties.

CCR5 Control Primers:

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