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Genomic DNA Isolation Extraction Purification Kit For Blood Bacteria Cell Tissue Samples


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Geno Plus Genomic DNA Isolation Kit, 50 preps & 250 preps.

DNALand Scientific genomic DNA isolation kit uses silica-gel-membrane technology for simple and fast isolation of genomic DNA without phenol chloroform or ethanol precipitation.

Homogenization is not necessary since tissues can be directly lysed by Proteinase K. Special protocols and guidelines are provided for various samples, such as paraffin-embedded tissues, culture cells, blood, mouse tails, bacteria, plants and fungi.

This kit includes our Patented O-ring Designthat eliminates washing buffer in the eluted genomic DNA samples, which gives you best results for the down-stream applications. Purified DNA can be directly used for most applications such as template for PCR, DNA Sequencing, Restriction Enzyme Digestion & Southern Blotting, etc.

Sample Yield
Whole blood (300µl) Up to 15 ug
Animal tissue (30 mg) Up to 100 ug
Culture Cells (1×107 cells) Up to 100 ug
Bacteria, Yeast (109/108 cells) Up to 80 ug

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250 Preps, 50 Preps