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10ml Serological Pipette Shorty, Graduated, Single Packed, Greiner Bio One


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Green Bio One CellStar 10ml Serological Pipette Shorty, Single Plastic-Plastic Packed, Sterile, Graduated 2/10 ML, 200/Case

CellStar 10ml serological pipette shorty (cat# 607190) from Greiner Bio One is plastic-plastic single packed, sterile. $95/case of 200. Free ground shipping on orders $200 and more. Greiner Bio one special design for limited operation space. Disposable polystyrene shorty pipets are 11.4cm (4.5″) shorter than the standard length serological pipettes, making them ideal for working under benchtop hoods while significantly reducing hand/wrist fatigue. Pipettes feature a full colored mouthpiece, reverse graduations, and negative graduations.
Serological pipette shorty is individually wrapped in plastic/plastic packaging with peel-off openings for easy access and aseptic removal. This packaging design reduces contamination risk and provides particulate-free opening. Printed information on each individual wrapper provides catalog number, product description, lot number, and expiry date.
  • Sterile
  • DNase, RNase-free
  • Special shorty design
  • Individually wrapped with paper/plastic
  • Graduation: 1/10
  • Blue color code
  • 50/Pack, 200/Case
  • Sell by case
Shipping Cost
The shipping cost for each case ordered is $9.50, but will be automatically waived at checkout on orders of $200 and more.


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