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T75 Cell Culture Flask, Non-TC Treated, Filter Plug Cap, 120/Case, Greiner


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Greiner T-75 Cell Culture Flask Non TC Treated, Sterile, For Suspension Cell Culture, with Filter and Plug Vent Cap Choices, 120/Case

$140.00/case of 120 Greiner T-75 cell culture flask, non TC treated with white plug cap (Cat# 658190). And $160 for T75 Greiner Bio One cell culture flask with white filter cap (Cat# 658195). The non-tissue culture (TC) treated flasks are designed for suspension cell culture application. Greiner Bio One T75 tissue cell culture flask has a maximal 250 ml total media volume.The bottom surface is hydrophobic treated to allow cells get best floating in the medium.

  • Non-TC treated surface for culture of suspension cells
  • Plug seal screw cap for economical purpose
  • Filter seal screw cap to reduce contamination risk
  • Canted neck
  • Graduation on the side
  • Stackable to save cell culture incubator space
  • DNase, RNase, human DNA free
  • Non-pyrogenic, Non-cytotoxic
  • Sterile

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Flask with Filter Cap, 120/Case, Flask with Plug Cap, 120/Case


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