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High Pure, Quick Dissolve Agar, For E. Coli Bacteria, Yeast LB Plate


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High Pure Quick Dissolve Agar for Bacterial Yeast LB Plate Preparations

$200/1000 grams high pure quick dissolve super clear agar. Free ground shipping on orders $200 and up. Agar, also called Agar-agar, is a gelatin-like product made primarily from the algae Gelidium and Gracilaria (red seaweeds). Best known as a solidifying component of bacteriological culture media. The high pure agar is produced by South Korea manufacturer through a greener way which eliminates organic chemicals treatment. Our high pure agar maximizes the growth of your bacteria and gives clear better vision for microscopy. Most of customers found 12g can generate 1 liters pretty solid agar plates.

Features & Advantages

Gel Point (1.5%): 32-38°C;                                     Gel Strength (1.5%): 550-950 g/cm2;
Heavy Metals: ≤0.004%;                                         Loss on Drying: ≤10.0%;
Melting Point: 80-90°C;                                          Pass Thru 60 Mesh: ≥90(%);
pH (1.5%): 6.0-7.6;                                                  Turbidity (Nephelos): ≤40;
Solubility (Boiling Water): Clear;                          Storage: dry @ room temperature

How to make perfect agar LB plates for growing your bacteria?

For 1 liter (1000ml):
Weight 10g Tryptone (or peptone); 5g Yeast extract; 5g NaCl. Add distilled water to 900ml in a 2 liter flask, completely dissolve the mixture. Adjust pH to 7.0 (normally 200ul 10N NaOH). Add 12-15 grams of our high pure agar into the solution, mix well, and add H2O to 1000ml. The agar will not dissolve until autoclaved. Autoclave for 30~45 minutes at 121°C using liquid cycle. When the agar has been autoclaved, allow it to cool around 70°C. Gently shake the flask to mix agar. Let it continue to cool down until the flask can be held with bare hands. Ad 1ml antibiotics or any compound you would like to add. Mix thoroughly and let the medium to sit for 5min. If you pour the medium immediately after mix, there will be many small bubbles in your plates after incubation at 37°C. After 5min, carefully pour out into sterile plastic petri dishes. You can make 40 to 50 10cm petri dishes at 20-25ml/10cm plate. Allow to set, then store wrapped in plastic in the cold room. Remember to label them with date and correct antibiotics. Shelf time: kanamycin plates are good for around 1 year, and Ampicilin plate are good for around 6 months. If you don’t use so much we suggest you scale down to make less plates.

Green tips:
Autoclave instruments are energy consumption tigers. To save energy we normally scale down to 100ml and use microwave to make agar plates. Make 100ml LB agar medium in 500ml flask. Heat around 2 to 3 min depends in the wattage of your microwave. Take out and gentle shake the flask to mix the medium well (Warning: very hot, wear protective gloves). Then use Medium scale to continue to heat. Take out every min and gently shake it. Watch the medium during heating. If the medium blow out, stop immediately, shake it until the agar completely dissolved. Put foil on the mouth, let the medium cool down. Then do the rest part of regular preparation of LB mentioned above.
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