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LCD Digital Centrifuge Tube Rotator Shaker, Sample Mixer, Variable Speed


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Scilogex MX-RL-PRO LCD Digital Centrifuge Tube Rotisserie Rotator Shaker

The Scilogex MX-RL-PRO Tube Rotator Shaker provides a gentle but effective mixing of biological samples in 1.5ml to 50ml micro tubes, used in a variety of applications including immune precipitations, prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnostics etc.

MX-RL-PRO LCD Digital Tube Rotisserie Rotator Shaker Features:

  • Rolling action, gives gentle but effective mixing
  • Adjustable speed range of 10 to 70rpm
  • Adjustable mixing angle between 0 and 90°
  • Free 50ml x 16 tube rotisserie accessory included. Also a wide variety of rotisserie accessories are available
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • Can be used in cold rooms or incubators

Scilogex MX-RL-PRO LCD Digital  Rotisserie Tube Rotator Shaker Specifications: 

Speed range : 10 ~ 70rpm
Tilt Angle : 0 ~ 90°
Operating temp. range : 5 ~ 40°C
Timer range : 1 ~ 1199mins
Overall dimensions : 10″L x 8″W x 10″H
Weight : 10Lbs
Electrical supply : 100-220V, 50/60Hz

MX-RL-PRO LCD Digital Tube Rotisserie Rotator Ordering Information:

Catalog No. : Model
82422201 : MX-RL-Pro LCD Digital Tube Rotisserie Rotator, comes with 18900147 50ml x 16 Tube Rotisserie Accessory, 110-220V, 50/60Hz

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