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Medline Vinyl Gloves, Aloetouch 3G, Powder-free, Latex-free, Exam Gloves


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Medline Aloetouch 3G Powder-Free Latex-Free Synthetic Exam Vinyl Gloves

$69.50/case of 1000 Medline Aloetouch 3G vinyl gloves, powder free, with various sizes: extra Small, medium, large extra Large. Free ground shipping on orders $200 and up. The Aloetouch 3G Exam Glove has longer polymer chains in the resin that make the gloves more workable, more flexible and more resilient than other vinyl synthetic gloves. The Aloetouch 3G gloves are an innovative latex-free stretch synthetic glove that gives outstanding tactile sensitivity with a unique softness and flexibility.

  • Green
  • Material: synthetic vinyl, powder free
  • Various size: from extra small, small, medium, large to extra large
  • Offer soothing protection to your hands while you work
  • Aloetouch are top-quality powder-free gloves with the benefits of aloe vera. Aloe vera naturally helps moisturize and soothe dry, chapped hands.
  • Provide superior barrier protection
  • Fully textured surface gives sure grip on instruments and dressings
  • Manufactured by MEDLINE INDUSTRIES
  • 100/box, 1000/Case
  • Sell by case, $69.50/Case
  • Free ground shipping in the 48 contiguous US

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The shipping cost for each case ordered is $9.50, but will be automatically waived at checkout on orders of $200 and up.




Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small