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Multilayer Cell Culture Flask, Greiner Celldisc, Multilayer Cell Culture Device


Greiner Bio One Multilayer Cell Culture Flask, Greiner Celldisc, Multilayer Cell Culture Devise

Are you looking for multilayer cell culture flask? Greiner Bio One launched a new product in 2016, Multilayer Cell Culture Flask Greiner Celldisc. Greiner Bio One CELLdisc™ is a new multilayer cell culture flask device covering a range of cell culture surfaces from 1,000 cm2 up to 1 square meter. The innovative ergonomic design of CELLdisc™ provides a versatile system for the propagation of adherent mammalian cells from research scale to industrial batches. In addition, a centrally located channel allows an uniform distribution of gas throughout the device. A socle-rim guaranties that the bottom layer of the CELLdisc™ does not touch the surface of the incubator. The compact and robust cylindrical device is ideally suited for automation and upscaling of mass cell culture.

Smart design and extensively tested



  • Minimum space required for handling of device
  • 40 % higher surface/volume ratio than conventional multilayer systems
  • Surface treatment for optimal cell attachment
  • Optimal ventilation through central gas support channel Gas inlet and outlet equipped with filters
  • Easy accessibility due to wide opening port
  • Predictable scale up within one format (1,000 cm² – 10,000 cm²)
  • Suitable for basic research as well as industrial applications
  • Integrated gas support channel (active or passive gas exchange possible)
  • Large 38 mm opening with screw cap for easy filling
  • Wide interconnecting channel for fast liquid exchange
  • Available as 4-, 8-, 16- and 40-layer version
  • Robust pressure resistant cylindrical design
  • Screw cap color indicating surface treatment
  • Vent port for pressure equilibration

Suitable for industrial large scale cell culture


Easy to use


For more detailed product information and how to use multilayer cell culture flask disc please click Greiner Bio One multilayer cell culture flask Celldisc. and multilayer cell culture Celldisc manual. Are you interested in this Multilayer Cell Culture Flask Greiner Celldisc? Contact us for a quote