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Neptune 100ul Pipette Tip, Sterile, Racked, Filter, Ultra Low Retention


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Neptune 100ul Universal Fit, Low Retention Pipette Tips with Barrier Filters, Box Racked, Sterile.

Nest 100ul filter sterile pipette tips (Cat# BT100) are the most commonly used pipettes in the laboratories. These tips are universal fit in most popular pipettes, such as Eppendorff Pipette, Corning Pipette, Finn Pipette, etc.

      ● Virtually eliminate sample retention with Neptune Hi-tech polymer tips.
      ● Reload up to 10 trays in 90 seconds with our environmentally friendly packaging
      ● Get reliable results with tips that are certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA and endotoxins
      ● Confirm your draw visually through our graduated sides
      ● Fit most popular pipettes
      ● DNase and RNase free

For Box Racked package you will get box plus tips (boxes are individually packed)

  • 960/Pack has 10 boxes with sterile filtered tips
  • 4800/Case has 50 boxes with sterile filtered tips

To see detailed shapes and sizes of pipette tips please see Neptune product data sheet.

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Sterile, Filter, 10 Boxes/Pack, Sterile, Filter, 50 Boxes/Case


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