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SMOBIO DL5000 FluoroDye DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye

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FluoroDye™ DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye, Green, 1 ML, 6 x Dilution, Non-Toxic

SMOBIO FluoroDye™ DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye is a ready-to-use 6X DNA loading dye designed for fast qualitative electrophoresis analysis. Containing sensitive fluorescent dye with high specific affinity towards double stranded DNA (dsDNA), the FluoroDye™ Fluorescent DNA Loading Dye has negligible background and renders de-staining process unnecessary. The FluoroDye™ DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye allows the user to immediately visualize electrophoresis result upon completion or to monitor the electrophoresis in real time. FluoroDye™ DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye is compatible with both the conventional UV gel-illuminating system as well as the less harmful long wavelength blue light illumination system. FluoroDye™ emission as bound to dsDNA is 522 nm, while its excitation peaks are at 270, 370 and 497 nm.


  • Excellent for premix with DNA samples
  • Sensitivity: 0.14 ng (DNA)
  • A safer alternative to EtBr
  • Compatibility: suitable to blue or UV light
  • Increased cloning efficiency (blue light)


FluoroDye™ DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye is stored in 6X concentration in 60% glycerol and buffered with Tris-HCl and EDTA, containing Bromophenol blue, Xylene cyanol FF and Orange G as tracking dyes.


Protected from light
-20°C for 24 months