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Student School Science Fair Project Kit


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Student School Science Fair Project Kit — Microbiology

This science fair project kit is developed for our promising future biologists to conduct a science fair or classroom experiments to culture bacteria, mold, etc mico-organisms.

With this kit student can

  1. Grow  different types of household bacteria and mold and compare the bacteria growth rates under different conditions (temperatures, UV light exposing time, antibiotics, etc)
  2. Test kill efficiency of different disinfectants or concentration after dilution, etc.
  3. Test how much antibiotics (1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or 1 whole pill from Walmart, Walgreens, etc pharmacy) can kill the bacteria collected from your tongue. Or compare the killing efficiency of antibiotics if you are able to find different antibiotics.

What’s included in the science fair project?

  1. 10x sterile plastic Petri dishes (90mm x15mm diameter),
  2. 10x sterile cotton swabs,
  3. 1x Nutrient agar powder (for 250ml liquid agar), which is enough to pure 10x petri dishes mentioned above.
  4. 1x sterile 50ml centrifuge tube for sterile water measurement.

You need microwave to dissolve the nutrient agar and pour it into petri dishes. Carefully following the instruction provided in our product blog.

Some ideas with this kit:
Collect bacteria from shopping carts handle, uncooked meats, shoes, TV remote controls, laptop keyboards, noses, tongues before and after brushing, pets’ tongues, car control wheels, key chains and compare which is the dirtiest one.

Compare bacteria in tap water with and without exposing to sunlight (UV bacteria killing effect)

Check if there are bacteria in the water from school water foundation, and compare it with those from household tap water and filtered refrigerated water.

Have your own crazy ideas and make your project outstanding!

If you think it’s hard to make the petri dish LB plates by yourself we have pre-made ready-to-use LB plates available.

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