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VWR Cryogenic Boxes, CryoVial Storage Freezer Box with Dividers


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Mechanical Fiberboard VWR Cryogenic Boxes with Divider, 81-well, 120 Boxes/Case

$380/120 2 inch Mechanical VWR Cryogenic boxes, cryovial storage freezer box, no drain slots, with grids, 81 cell divider, 120/case (cat# 82007-162). The dimension of the VWR cryogenic box is: 13.2 x 13.2 x 5.1 cm (51/5 x 51/5 x 2″). Box dimensions include lid; The well  dimension is: 1.3 cm (0.53″).

Mechanical fiber board VWR cryogenic boxes and dividers are constructed of durable fiberboard with a protective, moisture repellent coating. Durable fiberboard construction with a protective, moisture-repellent coating. Strong chemical resistant with fiberboard property.
Liquid nitrogen (LN2) freezer boxes feature slots for safe LN2 drainage and reduced LN2 consumption. Please note this mechanical freezer VWR cryogenic box does not feature slots and cannot be used with LN2. Boxes with dividers feature a lid printed with a numbered grid for superior inventory control. VWR cryogenic box without divider can accommodate dividers (sold separately) for 16 to 100 cells. Fiberboard dividers can fit in any 13.2Wx13.2Lcm (51/5x51/5” ) LN2 cryogenic or mechanical freezer box.
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