Membrane Solutions Syringe Filters provides high quality filters which are well packaged. Syringe filters are overprices for decades due to monopoly. With the developments of membrane manufacturing technology and more manufacturers involved the prices of membrane filters should be going down, but in scientific research fields the prices of membrane filters, especially the syringe filter prices, are remaining way too high. At Green BioResearch we are not only thinking about pollution reduction in research fields but also caring about the bio-consumable prices. We are trying our best to bring down prices of lab research consumables while keep the same or better product qualities. Grand money should be spent on more important things, such as exploring new research fields, etc. We offer fair and competitive prices compared to some famous brands, such as, Whatman syringe filter, Nalgene syringe filter, etc. Prices should be researchers’ first concerns when similar products available.

Now let’s talk about the Syringe Filter itself. How to choose the right syringe filter — syringe filter selection based on materials.